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Music to Inspire You to Hit the Road – Part 2

One of my first ever posts was dedicated to the songs that I would play to inspire my travels. I stand by those songs I wrote about all those moons ago, but I realized recently that my go-to songs have expanded quite a bit. I decided it was time to revisit a blog from yesteryear and update it with my current songs on repeat. Admittedly, these songs may be a bit more inspired by my upcoming thru-hike, however, they should still do the trick whether you’re walking to Canada or flying to Paris. Below, you’ll find a Spotify playlist with all 10 songs, I hope you’ll give them a listen.

Never Come Back Again – Austin Plaine

This song is the unofficial theme song of my PCT thru-hike. Everything about it screams get out and explore our planet! The first line is: “I wanna see the world,” for goodness sake! From the lyrics to the folksy vibe, the entire song will inspire you. My dream is to get the rights and be able to use it in my documentary. So, if you hear this baby during the film, you’ll know I am one literal happy camper. This bad boy will be on repeat as I walk to Canada.

Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron

This is a favorite in the travel community, and for good reason. The song is literally about going to the ends of the earth, the dream of every travel junkie out there. Lord Huron also happens to pretty much be my favorite band out there and their entire sound is just perfection. This is the perfect runway song, so turn the volume up, pop in some gum, and prepare for take-off.

To the Sun and All the Cities in Between – City of the Sun

This is an instrumental song, so sorry, I don’t have any lyrics for you to pick apart. However, the overall feeling and vibe of this song is no less inspiring. This is a great song to turn on during a hike or to watch a sunset on a tropical beach. This is the type of song for “pinch me” moments, you know?

Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

I was introduced to this song by a movie universally loved by all travelers, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” The lyrics, about getting your hands dirty and having adventures outside of the conventional, along with the driving beat, is something that is sure to have you planning an unforgettable adventure. Do yourself a favor, and plan something outside of the box to challenge yourself. You’ll be forever grateful you did.

Alone – Trampled by Turtles

This song was also introduced to me through one of my favorite movies, “The Way, Way Back.” The theme of this film is featured on my other list, and I highly recommend taking a listen to that one as well. By far the most used word in the song is “oohhh” so in that regard it’s not the most inspirational lyrically, however, it still evokes a sense of adventure and wonder in me. I see this as more of a nature-inspired, by the fireside kind of a song. I love everything about it and also you should definitely watch the movie. It’s a classic.

Touch the Sky – Julie Fowlis

This is also from a movie. See a theme here? This one holds a special place in my heart as my niece has dubbed it “Aunt Gracie’s Song.” It’s the main theme of the Pixar film “Brave.” I’ve been compared to Merida on more occasions than I can count, but I would love this song regardless. Lyrically, it’s all about getting outside and is packed full of nature-inspired imagery. This song calls you to “chase the wind and touch the sky.” I mean, come on, if that doesn’t make you want to get out there and do just that then you may be a lost cause.

Route 66 – Chuck Berry

This one is pretty self-explanatory and is the perfect song for a road trip. The song is a classic and creates a good atmosphere no matter the time or place. It’s all about the great American West and it’ll make you want to hit the road and not stop until you hit Santa Monica.

Shell Suite – Chad Valley

This song is more about the feeling it creates than the lyrics, honestly. That repeating electric guitar riff is a sure fire way to get your blood pumping. This is another good runway or driving song or one to get you pumped for an upcoming trip. Play it while you research and plan for your next holiday or put it behind a slide show as you show off your awesome photos from your latest trip. Jealousy: guaranteed.

Spirits – Mogli

Honestly, her entire debut album is good to inspire travel. Most of her tracks are inspired by adventures and nature. I just chose this track because it’s probably my favorite on the album and it’s one of my go-to songs as a whole. This track is on the chill side and has a reflective mood. Travel songs don’t all have to be big builds and heavy with strings. Do yourself a favor and put the whole album on your favorites list.

Send Me on My Way – Rusted Root

Oldie but goodie. If this song doesn’t get you to your feet then you need to reexamine your life. As travelers, our whole life is about how we just need to get on our way. Don’t let anything hold you back from your next journey, and definitly listen to this as you take that first step.

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