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Shanghai Disneyland Guide – Day 2

Day two at Shanghai Disneyland brought the rain. Lots of it. I ended up purchasing an overpriced poncho three minutes into my day. Bring your own if you want to save some money. Even though it rained consistently for most of the day, and it was a Monday, it was very crowded. I had planned my trip over a Sunday/Monday, fully expecting day one to be the crowded day, but I was wrong. Sunday was a dream, Monday, not so much.


I got a fast pass for Soarin’ straight away and, unlike the day before when my pass was for about 11am, at the same time the next day my pass was for 5pm. Remember, this is China, there will always be crowds.

Since it was raining, the outdoor shows and parades were all cancelled to my disappointment. They have a single float they send out when it rains in replacement of the parade which is a sort of consolation prize. The float is the Casey Jr. Engine packed to the brim with characters. It’s definitely worth watching if you have small children with you as they won’t know much of a difference as long as they see Mickey and Elsa.

In front of the castle is an area called The Gardens of Imagination. This area is dedicated to the Chinese zodiac but uses Disney characters to represent each animal. You can find your own and read up a bit on your zodiac. Mine is sheep.

I always think it’s interesting to see what are the popular rides in each park. In Tokyo, you could spend all day in the que for Winnie the Pooh, and in Anaheim, Peter Pan is always a long, long wait. Well, in Shanghai, they are all about the Canoes. The lines was always at least 2 hours long, even in the rain.


In Adventure Isle is located Camp Discovery, a ropes course. Now, I had an injured ankle so I probably shouldn’t have attempted it in the first place, but I gotta say, this was pretty intense when it was raining. The course offers three options that you choose as you go through: easy, medium, and hard. With my ankle and the ground being quite slippery, I was forced onto the easy for most of them. You are, of course, strapped in with a body harness, but still, I was surprised that this was open in the rain. If it was America, it would have been closed instantly or a lawsuit would have been drawn up moments later. The “hard” course is pretty serious. I have no good photos because I was in so much pain from my ankle that I honestly was just trying to finish as fast as possible.


Because of said pain, I really wanted to sit and watch a show for 45 minutes. I decided to check out the Jack Sparrow Stunt Show in Treasure Cove. I knew it would be in Mandarin, but I just wanted to relax and rest my feet and watch some amazing tricks. Well, that was not in the cards for me. After waiting in line for the show we were pushed into a a huge que which turned out to be the theatre itself. Yes, it was a standing show. My rage was palpable. We stood for 25 minutes as about two stunts were performed and the rest was dialog in Chinese. Yet again, I wouldn’t have minded as long as we got to sit the bloody hell down! The rest of the show was cancelled due to “technical difficulties” so I honestly have no idea how many more stunts were coming or if we would have ever gotten to sit somewhere, but regardless, it was a piss-poor layout and I would not recommend this production to anyone.

Sorry, this is turning out much more negative than I meant it too. I had a ball both days, but I think I gushed to much on my first post, so all I have left were some nit-picky moments.

Food options

As with all Disney parks, there is a plethora of food options. Obviously, Chinese cuisine is the easiest to find and most abundant, however you can get anything from pizza to Japanese as well. The only meal that I found to be a struggle was breakfast. The second day I decided to grab food in the morning once I was in the park, but couldn’t find much in the way of breakfast food. One thing that surprised me was the serious lack of seating available for dining. I was only looking for one seat but had a terrible time trying to find a spot for every single meal. They need to work on that. My two favorite food places were:

Remy’s Patisserie on Mickey’s Avenue. Here you can get small, sweet or savory pastries that are great for a snack. Also on Mickey’s Avenue is Il Paparino where you can get the most popular dessert, a waffle with ice cream.

Other options to check out would be Barbosa’s Bounty (Treasure Cove), the restaurant looks out over Pirates of the Caribbean but is budget unlike the Blue Bayou. Also, Royal Banquet Hall in the Castle, a good place to meet the Princesses, and Tangled Tree Tavern, a restaurant based off of the tavern in the film.


Disney Town is Shanghai’s answer to Downtown Disney. It is located just out side the main gates and can also be accessed from inside the park. All you need is your ticket and you are free to come in and out as you please. It’s not quite as colorful as in other parks and has a bit more of a “grown-up” vibe. But, it’s lovely. This area not only is a great place to buy Disney merchandise, such as the largest store, World of Disney, but you can also buy from many other high end stores. This is also a good place to find western cuisine, such as The Cheesecake Factory. Lastly, this is also the location of the Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King musical. It is a permanent production and is the only place in the world to watch the show in Mandarin.

Check out my Day 1 for a more in depth look into the park. Let me know if there are anymore posts you would like to see about Shanghai Disneyland!

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  • Karen Toppett
    September 6, 2016 at 1:30 am

    Grace, Don and I were in Disneyland Paris last year. It is small compared to the ones you have been describing but still fun. I’m enjoying all of your posts. I know you are ready for your Mom to get there! Look forward to those pictures. I’m also very afraid of water so I admire your spunk!

    Love, Karen Toppett

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