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Singapore Glowing Night Show!

I can now add a new item to my list of Favorite Travel Experiences, and it’s completely free! Don’t you love when that happens? Well, on my most recent trip to Singapore, I spent an evening roaming around and watching the nightly show, Garden Rhapsody, at Gardens By the Bay in the Supergrove area. Y’all, this is my #1 recommendation for you if you ever make it to Singapore.

Many cities now have nightly spectacles, whether it’s a temple lighting up the night sky or Hong Kong’s show that includes music and lasers bouncing around the skyscrapers, but I must say Singapore has them all beat. If you’ve ever been to Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, CA then you’ve probably seen World of Color. WoC is one of my favorite things (on this planet, honestly) and the Supergrove show is very reminiscent of that. The show includes a light show set to music all created around the trees.

The show happens twice each night for about 20 minutes each. When I was there it was at 7:45pm and 8:30pm, although check the website incase the times have changed.


As the sun goes down, before the show begins, the trees begin to light up in a way that can only be explained as walking into the movie “Avatar.” Singapore is already pretty otherworldly if you ask me, but this is straight out of the alien world of Pandora. There is a select amount of bench space but I just made myself comfortable on the ground, laying down on the pavement and looking up at the massive tree structures. I believe it is possible to be on the Skywalk (more on that in my previous blog) but the line for that stretched probably all the way to Thailand and I was content with my little spot on the ground.


My show was called the Garden Waltz, although I think they change it up periodically. As it began I was quickly taken away by the music and visual spectacle. I urge you to watch the video above, there’s just no way to accurately describe the show. Overall, for a free event this simply can’t be missed. I will be raving about this for quite some time, I have no doubt!

Have you ever seen the Supergrove show?

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