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Things That Suck About Being a Travel Blogger

Don’t get me wrong, the pros totally outweigh the cons when it comes to travel blogging in my personal opinion. But in follow up to my first post about all the great things, I must with a clear conscience make you privy to the pitfalls of adventure documentation. These things are especially true (and painful) if you are a newer/unknown travel vlogger/blogger who feels like they have no audience and are sending all their hard work out into the deep, all consuming, cyber void. (That feeling is all to real for me!)
Without further adieu, let this be as much a cautionary tale and the first post was inviting.

Always Carrying Equipment

Whether it’s hiking or tromping around an amusement park, isn’t the ultimate goal to have as lightweight a pack as possible? Well, if you’re a travel blogger then you have no choice but to carry around some major equipment and believe me when I say, technology is heavy! DSLR cameras, tripods, extra batteries, the list goes on and on. It’s hard enough to decide what to take with you for the day, but you also have to be able to pack it safely. The paranoia of having a water bottle in your bag next to all your precious tech is a heart attack in itself.

It Gets Expensive Because There’s Always New Tech You Want

Speaking of said equipment, new toys come out every month and your precious baby Canon 7D is soon obsolete. Not meaning that you have to stay up on the latest and greatest at all times, but I can guarantee that a huge chunk of your savings will go towards mics and batteries and wind socks and lenses and software and subscriptions, the list goes on. On top of that, if you’re an avid traveller then you know those hundreds of dollars you just dropped for a wide angle lense could have payed for you to spend four months in Bali. Decisions, decisions.

Things Take Twice as Long Because You Must Document

If you’re a travel blogger it probably means you’re active on social media which means you have to take photos on your fancy camera, take video for your Youtube channel, and snap some shots on your phone for quick Instagram access. All that mean there is a lot of juggling of technology and it takes so much extra time to document all sides of an activity. It’s all great in the end game when you have this awesome memory to look back on, but the process isn’t always glamorous.

So Much Post Work: Editing, Uploading, Writing, etc.

I personally enjoy writing and editing but must admit I procrastinate about it like no one’s business. People think that travel bloggers spend all their time jetting off and experiencing paradise but the reality is most of your time is spent behind a computer screen. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to produce good content. Kiss goodbye hours and hours and hours from your life.

Getting Yelled at for Filming Where You’re Not Supposed To

This is always traumatic for me, I hate being yelled at. If you’re a travel blogger you feel the obligation to your audience to document every stretch, even in areas you aren’t supposed to. Where it’s a pissed off museum guard or a cranky parent, people will always having a camera recording.

Being Embarrassed Filming Yourself in Front of People

This one you just kinda have to get over, but I don’t think anyone ever really does. If you have another person with you it isn’t as bad, but if it’s just you, a camera, and a world landmark it can get pretty embarrassing talking into a camera with a crowd around you. Yes, voice over can be helpful sometimes, but your audience wants to see your face so you just have to suck it up and do it. Embrace the weird awkwardness of being a blogger!

Do you have any more awkward blogging experiences?

Have any suggestions to help in these situations? Comment down below!

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