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Things that Rock About Being a Travel Blogger


I am far, far from a professional travel blogger but since I’ve been at it for going on three years I have begun to notice some universally good (and bad) things about recording your adventures. I am going to start out with the positive (the not so great things are here) because to me the pros definitely outway the cons. However, if you are thinking about dabbling into the world of travel blogging/vlogging you deserve to know what you’re in for, and if you have no desire whatsoever to ever be called a blogger then you can now see all that goes into making what you see now. So firstly, what makes it so freaking awesome!

A Built in Diary for Yourself

This one may seem selfish but it’s the primary reason anyone decides to become a travel blogger. You have an epic trip to Southeast Asia coming up and you want to have lots of media to look back on. Some people are content with twenty instagrams a day for the duration of their trip but others want something more personal. Being a travel blogger means that you can always look back at your videos/photos/posts and reminisce about that time you ate a fried bug in Laos – and have the reaction recorded for proof! I love looking back at my olds vlogs, and although the quality is a little embarrassing at times, it still means a lot to have it. Which brings us to number two:

Gaining a Skill

Yes, when you first start out your vlogs will be pretty crap, but it’s just like everything else: practice makes perfect. The more you record and write the better you’ll become. Look back at the early videos of your favorite Youtubers and you’ll see they weren’t always funny and charismatic. Video editing and shooting along with writing are great skills to have and develop. You can put that kind of work on a resume too! It’s like you’re working but not.

Family & Friends Can Easily See What You’re up too

If you’re a full time traveller then you know how tough it is to keep in touch with people and how much more difficult it is to let everyone back home know that you’re safe on the daily. If you have a blog then not only can they see all the cool things you’re doing but they can comment, share, and it’s a built in audience for you! It’s the best of both worlds.

Hi everyone back home in the US!

Meet Some Great People

The blogging community is a strange, sweet little world and you can meet some really interesting characters through the world wide web. Of course, be safe when chatting with strangers but also be open to meeting lots of kindred spirits. Through the travel blogging community I’ve been able to meet people who share my passion for travel as well as answer questions for aspiring ESL teachers and travelers. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or want to collaborate!

It Opens Doors for Sponsored Work or Writing a Book

This one is a long shot and will probably be more likely to happen once you have an established audience, but you never know when you may be asked to review something, be a guest writer, or even go on a sponsored trip. Some bloggers are against any and all sponsorship but if you’re not, then it can be a major perk to being a blogger. Also, if you’re an authority on a location or travel style a book deal to travel show may just be waiting for you down the line. That’s thinking big.

What other pros have you found in being a travel writer/videographer? 

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