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CELTA Series Part 3 – The First 2 Weeks

We’ve finally made it into the actually classroom! Now down to the important stuff! Once the first half of the course begins I can guarantee you will be overwhelmed and probably think “What the heck was I thinking?!” In this post, however, I break down what you can expect in the first few days and a couple tips to help you along on the CELTA struggle bus. Leave me any questions you might have!

Part 1  &  Part 2

What to expect the first 2 weeks


  •  Get a notebook (spiral is what I used)
  • Write everything your trainers say! There is A LOT to keep track of!
  • Bring a large three ring binder for the CELTA workbook and all the handouts & copies.
  • Ask lots of questions about the schedule if confused and study it the first night.
  • 12 students & 2 trainers
  • Two groups of 6 students for each practice teaching classes.
  • Input sessions: Trainers teaching you (2 sessions a day)
  • Free work time (1 hour) finish up your lessons/assignments
  • Two levels of english learners for practice teaching classes (spend 2 weeks with each group)
  • Teaching every other day! Three students in your group teach each night.
  • 1st lesson: 20 mins. (You teach one part of a six part lesson)
  • 2nd-8th lesson: 40 mins.
  • 9th lesson: 60 min.
  • First night observe trainers teaching (take LOTS of notes! DON’T ZONE OUT!!!)
  • Each lesson you teach you are given less and less information to work off of.
  • Lessons are graded: Below Expectations, At Expectations, or Above Expectations
  • 4 writing assignments (1 due a week)
  • You can resubmit your assignments once for each one if you don’t pass it the first time.
  • You can fail ONE assignment (fail after resubmission)
  • The day after you teach you have a review with your group and trainer to go over your lesson (strengths, weaknesses, what you’re proud of etc.)
  • Final grades: Pass (85% of students), Pass B (10% of students), Pass A (5% of students)
  • If you aren’t doing well and think you might not pass your trainers will work with you – they want you to succeed!! They will meet with you to tell you what you need to work on in order to pass.

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