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Travel Plans Update!


Hey guys!

I wanted to take a minute and update you all on the impending travel plans that I have coming up. At my new job in Indonesia I’m really blessed to get 4 weeks off in June/July! What?! I’m seriously losing my mind over this! So, of course, I’m taking full advantage of this extended holiday and I’m cramming it full of Asian adventures.

I wanted to make this blog to not only give you an inside scoop of what’s to come from Grace Goes Global, but also to tell you why I’ll probably be quite inactive in posting over that time. I’ll be getting loads of photos and videos and get to work straight away once I’m back, but I won’t be able to post much (apart from social media) while I’m away.

So, without further adieu, here are my plans. Of course, this is travel we’re taking about which means everything is subject to change – but this is what I’ve got booked/planned.

Bangkok, Thailand

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Phnom Penn, Cambodia

Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam – Hal Long Bay

Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySEA

Shanghai Disneyland

Bali, Indonesia – Open Water Scuba Certification

Yes, it’s A LOT. But, whatever. I hope you’re excited to join me on these adventures and look forward to the upcoming posts. Please be sure to subscribe and keep a lookout for new material soon.

– Grace

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