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Beat the Hong Kong Heat!

Hong Kong is a balmy 90 degrees right now with around 100% humidity. It’s insanity. I’m very used to hot weather but I think the buildings both block the breeze and act as heat conductors to add to the heinous conditions. Beating the summer heat is almost impossible, but I have two quick solutions that are both extremely fun and also involve dunking yourself in cool ocean water.

1) Get a group of friends together and book a junk boat. This can be a bit expensive, ranging from $500-$1,000HKD each, but it’s a quintessential Hong Kong experience and needs to happen at some point. I went for a friend’s birthday and we not only had unlimited food and drink but also got to swim and jump off the boat for hours on end. The ride to and from was relaxing and offered spectacular views of the countryside and skyline.

2) Test your courage and go cliff jumping in Sai Kung! I had been waiting for summer to roll around so I could do this, and boy, did it not disappoint! Work up a sweat as you hike out to the lagoon and then throw yourself off the 30ft/10m wall into the cool water before you can talk yourself out of it! This is a very popular spot and will most likely always have at least a small group of people swimming and jumping. It is very safe as long as common sense is observed. The water is nice and warm but is home to tiny crawfish that love to pinch bums. Beware.


  1. MTR to Choi Hung (green line)
  2. Exit C
  3. 1A Green Minibus to Sai Kung ($8)
  4. Take a taxi to Sai Wan Pavilion
  5. Follow trail until you hit the beach.
  6. Pass the stores and walk until you see a bridge.
  7. Go beyond the bridge and you will come to a small, almost hidden, path. The trail is short but involves some scrambling. Follow the stream until you see a waterfall – you’ve arrived!

Sai Kung Cliff Jumping - GraceGoesGlobal.com

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