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Sai Kung

This post is only the tip of the iceberg of what is Sai Kung. I guarantee more in depth posts and videos will be coming about this incredible place. I only spent an afternoon exploring the area and have so much more to do, but here we’re my first impressions.

Getting out to Sai Kung does admitedly take a while, but oh is it worth it! Take the MTR to the Huang Hau Station and grab bus 101M to the last stop at the Sai Kung waterfront. The bus ride will take about 20 minutes but it takes you through some interesting areas of the New Territories.

Once you’ve alighted you can go straight to the waterfront park and catch the beautiful views. It seriously feels like you’ve been transported to another country. Not a high rise in sight and nothing but green islands dotting the horizon. It seriously felt like I had stepped into Vietnam or Thailand.

Sai Kung First Impressions - GGG

Sai Kung is a fishing village and so you are engulfed in the smell of fish and countless boats are docked in the harbor. Take a walk through the outdoor stalls and be sure to take a gander at the fish market.* The outdoor tanks are filled to the brim with squid, fish, and the largest crabs and lobsters I’ve ever seen!

*this may not be for everyone!

There are tons of places to eat including one with the “biggest slice of pizza in Hong Kong,” for which a demolished in a matter of minutes. At least make it a challenge!

Sai Kung First Impressions - GGG

Sai Kung is a perfect place to have an outdoor adventure. Some of the best hiking in Hong Kong is in this area and this is also the place to go if you want and afternoon of kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. There are dozens of stores to rent equipment and places to sign up for a class or tour.

This gorgeous getaway is a must when visiting Hong Kong!

That’s all I have for you this time around! I’ll be going back soon I have no doubt!

Stay tuned for some very, very exciting posts coming soon!

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