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Kam Sham Country Park


I officially have my first Must Do activity here in Hong Kong. The Kam Sham Country Park has it all: easy access, stunning views, hiking trails, and wild monkeys sprawled out two feet from you, oh just cause they can. This kooky place is known as Monkey Mountain and it takes little imagination to see why. Monkey Mountain refers to Stage 6 of the MacLehose Trail, a trail that is about 100km long and is broken down into different stages throughout country parks in Hong Kong. 

IMG_0240IMG_0239My adventure started out the same as the last hiking trip – with a terrifying trip up a mountain on a double decker bus. I took the MTR to the Chung Sha Wan stop and hopped on bus #72. We sped along until we reach my stop at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir. As soon as I stepped off the bus I was greeted by about 2 dozen of the mountain inhabitants known as macaques.

After having a slightly trematic experience with wild monkeys whilst in Honduras, I was slightly wary of being surrounded by a hundred of these things, but they largely kept to themselves. Walking from the bus stop to the entrance of the Lion’s Rock and Eagle’s Nest trail leads you over a macaque covered bridge. The animals are on both sides of you, some follow behind, some run away, and some just look you up and down expecting you to throw them a chip. Please, please please heed the signs and do not feed them! Many of the monkeys now have trouble fending for themselves due to humans feeding them and they are getting closer and closer into the city to seek out food which causes many of their deaths.


This should be self explanatory but please still remember that these are wild animals and can be aggressive when threatened. I only had one that made me step back but I guess he just really didn’t want to be featured on my blog. I respect his want for privacy. He didn’t choose the fame, it was thrust upon him.


The trail is one giant loop so if you can’t get the photos you want at the beginning then try again once you’re back. I took the Eagle’s Nest route which offers some good views of Kowloon Reservoir and the city skyline. The trail is a little over 4km and takes about 1.5 hours. It is well marked by wooden posts and offers well maintained paths. The trail also offers plaques throughout your hike that explain much of the flora, fauna, and animals that you may be viewing. Also remember to look up in the trees! You never know who might be up there watching you!


The views are quite spectacular once you make it to the other side of the mountain. Yet again, it was quite foggy the day I went so my photos don’t do the view justice, so you’ll just have to trust me on this. Once you make it through the trail you can take either bus #72 or #81 back to the MTR and on to your destination. This truly is a unique place to visit and one that is not to be missed.

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