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Hong Kong Snapshots

My first week in Hong Kong has been filled with moving into my new apartment, training nine hours a day, and adjusting to life in this hectic international city. To say that my blog has been heavy on my mind would be a bit of a lie, but now that I have conquered the MTR, know how to say “Thank you” in Cantonese, and have eaten durian, I feel that I am finally ready to get some blogging underway!

I have a number of posts coming down the pipeline, but until those hit the interwebs please wet your appetite with some photos that I have taken over the past week and read the corresponding stories.


IMG_0065These are of my neighborhood city, Tseun Wan.

IMG_5985The view out my bedroom window.

IMG_3660The Hong Kong skyline is something to behold.

IMG_3662The star ferry is a great (budget) way to see said skyline.

IMG_0001 The Chinese take their dessert very seriously: Chocolate waffles & ice cream.IMG_5988Sushi on the first night. Fish eggs, anyone?

IMG_5992 I have waited years (YEARS) to try durian. Unfortunately, I wasn’t an instant fan. I’m counting on it being an acquired taste.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny taste into what is to come. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in future posts. Cheers!

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