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CELTA Series Part 5 – Advice & Tips

Well, we’ve made it ladies and gents! The unexpected journey is coming to a close. I hope these videos have been helpful for you with this last one being filled with tips I wish I knew and items I painstakingly learned through the process. Let me know what your own bits of advice are for other future Celties and let me know if there are any other videos on this subject that you’d like to see!

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Tidbits of Advice and Such


  • Do the Pre-Course Task! It’s a pain in the butt but (!) oh so worth it! It prepares your mind to get back in the academic mindset.
  • Read Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener. It will prepare you for all terms/techniques that you’ll learn during the course.  You can also use it as a reference for your writing assignments.
  • Stay organized!! You’ll receive so many handouts that you’ll need to refer back to so keep them handy in your binder.
  • Be prepared for an academic challenge. This course is through Cambridge University, they ain’t playing around, people.
  • Don’t procrastinate! Keep check lists. Just do it.
  • Stay humble and be open to new teaching techniques. Whether you have twenty years of experience or none there is still more to learn and you can’t rely on past successes. Teaching ESL is totally different from teaching any other subject so just swallow that pride and drink it up like a newbie.
  • Jump in! You’ll be nervous if you’ve never taught before and it’s always scary being thrown into a new environment but just toss out your inhibitions and go for it! Ask questions, give answers and thoughts, show you care.
  • Ask questions! You’ll be confused every second of every day during the course – don’t be!
  • Keep things in perspective! It’s only four weeks of your life. Even though it seems impossible I promise you that there will be time to get everything done! Thousands have done it before you, and even more will do it after you. Keep your eyes on the goal and the stuff will get done!

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