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CELTA Series Part 4 – The Final Two Weeks

We’ve made it to the home stretch, people! Once you make it through those first two weeks it’s almost (almost) a breeze. This video focuses on how your fellow trainees can help you in your journey and preparing for the future. If you are lucky enough to have a great group and trainers then wrapping up the CELTA is actually a bittersweet event. By the time you can smell that finish line you are beginning to see what a truly unique experience you are having and can finally see that everything will get done in its time. 

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How to Finish Strong


  •  The final two weeks are easier because you know what is expected of you and how to manage your time.
  • If you make friends with your fellow trainees it will make your life so much better!
  • More down time towards the end!
  • Meet with your trainer(s) for advice on your future or to look over your resume.
  • Lesson types: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Functions
  • The last three are generally more difficult to teach
  • Second two weeks you switch practice teaching groups – switch trainers, new level of English learners
  • Hurtle: figure out what your new trainer is looking for in grading.
  • Representative from Cambridge University observes for a day. Private Q&A with rep without trainers.
  • You have to be more creative with your lessons as time goes by.
  • Final two lessons you teach (40 min & 60 min) are totally your creations
  • One can be used from your first writing assignment
  • Grading doesn’t get harder- trainers look to see if you are working on what is brought up in feedback sessions.
  • One day you will also get to observe a professional ESL teacher teach classes

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