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Top 5 Teaching Jobs Websites

So, you’ve decided to land a job teaching English? How in the world are you supposed to get a job at a school on the other side of the world?!

Well, that’s where I come in! I’ve composited a few of my favorite sites to check daily for ESL jobs. This is by no means all the websites available, but I’ve had success applying and receiving interviews on some of these. Click the names to be transported to each site!

Dave’s ESL Cafe

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This site is kind of the be all end all of ESL jobs. I feel like almost every job I see on other sites are also plastered on Dave’s. The site has an “International Job Board” and separate boards for both China and Korea all of which are updated multiple times a day. I suggest always start and end the day by checking out the cafe.


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I may be slightly biased towards Tefl.com because that is where I landed my first teaching job. The database in extensive and is updated continuously throughout the day. A major bonus for that tefl.com has going for it is the built in CV registrar. Meaning, once you sign up (for free) you can upload all your CV information which allows for quick, one click job submissions! Believe me, this saves a butt load of time!

Teaching House

Picture 3Now, this site is run by Teaching House and CELTA which means all the jobs posted on their database specifically ask for applicants to have the CELTA certification. Regardless if you have a CELTA or not, (I say apply either way!) this site is very reputable and I highly doubt you would ever run into a “scam” school. Downside is that it isn’t updated as often as the two above so you may go a few weeks in between new job listings to pursue. However, it is absolutely worth checking on and it offers tons and tons of listings in the USA.

Jobs DB

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This site is specifically for those out there seeking teaching jobs in Asia. The home page allows you to click on your chosen country from Malaysia to Hong Kong and even has some specific International partner sites to check out. From my experience with this site it is updated often and offers teaching jobs beyond just English – math, science, social studies, theatre etc. If you have a targeted country in mind that falls in the Asian region, this might be right up your ally.

International TEFL Academy

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Just as Job DB was targeting those searching for Asian jobs, International TEFL Academy is for those looking for a job with a TESOL/TEFL certification with it. This site has hundreds of options in dozens and dozens of countries all with photos, reviews, city guides and more! Seriously, this site is one you should check out regardless of the type of job you’re looking for. It’s a plethora of information! Add this sucker to your favorites, fast.

Bonus: TeacherMexConnect

Picture 5I must admit, I have no experience with TMC, but from all the different agencies I sifted through, this is the one I would have chosen. It was founded by teachers for teachers and the have worked specifically with all the schools they recruit for. They have a list of the different countries they work with and you can state on your application for which you would like to be considered. The small fee to have them work with you and send around your resume out to their schools seems like a good deal and I would recommend at least check them out and inquiring about their services.

There you have it! Let me know which of theses sites you have experience with

and tell me about some that I have missed!

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